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What to expect from our Sharpening Service

Everybody has a different perception of what the word “sharp” actually means. To us, it means an edge sharp enough to cut through a sheet of paper. As such, our sharpening service will put an edge on your sword or dagger that is capable of cleanly slicing through one. An edge this sharp is more than capable of slicing through the plastic bottles and tatami mats that are frequently used for test cutting.

Please note that our sharpening service is cheap compared to other vendors offering this service. Our aim is to put a sharp cutting edge on a blunt blade. It will not have the perfectly honed finish that you will get with a whetstone and strop. But we have done all of the hard work for you. If you are aiming for perfection, you will have to do some finishing work yourself.

Our sharpening service is done by hand. Sharpening machines can overheat the metal and affect the temper of the steel. It is performed using the Accusharp sharpening tool which is also available for purchase from our store.

The Accusharp’s carbide sharpeners create a secondary V-shaped bevel terminating in a “paper cutting” sharp edge. The process creates a “raw” edge which is then lightly sanded and cleaned.

profile of a sharpened Kukri blade edge
V-shaped bevel on a sharpened Kukri
portrait of part of a sharpened kukri blade
Raw edge on a sharpened Kukri

The only drawback to this method is if your sword has an existing “appleseed” geometry, it will be replaced with the V-shaped bevel. As such, it will lose the full cutting potential of an appleseed edge.

All of our sharpened blades are tested before leaving the premises. They are not dispatched if they are not capable of cutting through paper. 

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